Thursday, 6 January 2011

The BIG Meal and shepherds?

Pastor Peter Awane of FILA in Ghana writes below after experiencing a wonderful BIG meal in rural villages surrounding Zuarungu in N E Ghana.

" Dear friends in Mission International. On behalf of my ministry, family, community and the precious souls your Love actions have won for Christ Jesus, l wish you a very prosperous New Year. The story of Christmas has never been told without the shepherds in the wilderness. Yet during the celebrations of Christmas many forget about the wilderness. Why was the good news of the Birth of Christ Jesus so important to shepherds rather than those in the cities? No one in the cities heard the message of the birth of Christ from Angels except the shepherds. I believe there is something special. We are thankful to all who remembered us in the wilderness and provided for us to celebrate the birth of Christ. We celebrated it in real wilderness. No chairs, tables, flowers, decorations and what have you. The decoration was in our hearts. The beauty of it was hearing of this wonderful story the first time. We traveled to a very large community without church or school. Though we wanted 200 children it exceeded that.They were looking forward to hear the message of this Christmas Child and l tell you many gave their lives to Christ. They were so surprise that there are people some where thinking of them and wanting to help them celebrte Christmas in full meaning. One parent who gave his live to Christ and asked us to start a church there said, If people love us this way it means the God they worship is the true God!!. Many smiles in the faces of mothers who had no hope of getting food for their children that afternoon. The children were so excited, sang and danced for the birth of  A savior Called Jesus. In the end of it all many accepted the Lord and a Church is planted. Yes to me this is Christmas!!!!. We thank you all who made it possible for these people to know Jesus as their Lord and savior. God Bless you all. 

Peter "
 Food is distributed to the many children who are looking forward to eating a meal that they would never have received if it were not for the generosity of donors in the UK.
 Hungry, yet happy children hold their food parcels aloft to say thank you to God and to UK donors of the BIG meal before they start to tuck in and eat.
 Pastor Peter Awane's wife Comfort shares the Christmas message with the assembled crowd.
 A happy parent thanks the team for their hard work and for the food they have brought and the love they ave shown to a unsuspecting community.
A bottle of Soda (Coke/Orange??) is also a special treat for the kids who celebrated Christmas in this village in Ghana.

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Ghana Gospel Music