Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hungry Children in Ghana this Christmas!

Ghana's Orphans:
Of course there are many children around the world who are going to be hungry this Christmas, many will die as a result and out of those who don't many will remain malnourished and weak ready to be taken by the next predatory disease that comes their way.   

The children you see in these pictures are orphans in the west African country of Ghana, living with whoever will take them in, some with distant relatives others with neighbours or kind hearted people who give them a place to stay.   Their future is dismal to say the least, their hope of an education so remote and their chances in life almost non existent.  Their potential however is another matter.

Change a life today!
It is however possible to make a difference for these children.  Locked up in each one of these young ones is the potential to succeed, each child has the ability to learn, to be educated, to get a job and to make a difference in their world.   You can help unlock the potential in one of these children.   To fully sponsor a child in Ghana costs £20/month, however you can part sponsor a child from £5/month, sharing the sponsorship with up to three other people.   

What a difference a sponsor makes:
A sponsored child is able to go to school, they are provided with food every day, they are given clothes to wear and a place to live as well, added to this medical cover is provided should the child become sick.   Chldren are given great hope for the future, they break out of the poverty trap and their God given potential is released.

If you can sponsor a child in Ghana please get in touch with us at Mission International and use the giving options on the right hand side of this page.

Your help can release a child to become the best s/he can be.    mail@mission-international.org 

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